For more than 37 years, Stutton Corporation has helped businesses and government agencies operate effectively by pioneering the delivery of chemicals and industrial supplies that are safer for the environment.

Protecting Electrical Equipment

Fire ants cause more than 6 billion in equipment damage each year in Texas alone. JS 685® is designed to protect electrical equipment from fire ants and other insects for 7 months.  
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Keeping America Strong & Safe

Stutton Corporation has helped our government replace toxic chemicals with effective products that are safer for the environment and people.
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Giving an Edge to Businesses

Stutton Corporation’s excellent record as a government supplier allows the company to help small businesses sell to public entities. If the government needs your materials and services, Stutton can help you get started.
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Cleaning the Environment

A safe, water-based multi-purpose dispersant-cleaner-degreaser, TopsAll #30® has been tested by the EPA and research universities and is included in the National Contingency Plan.
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